Stratum consists of six corporate entities

Stratum Energy corporate structure edited EB2
1. Stratum Energy Group Limited: a British Virgin Islands business company that holds shares in Stratum Energy Romania, LLC

2. Stratum Energy Romania, LLC: Delaware limited liability company that operates in Romania as Stratum Energy Romania LLC Wilmington Sucursala Bucuresti. It owns and operates the Moinesti concession

3. Stratum Production Romania, LLC: Delaware limited liability company intended to serve as an SPV in any future transactions

4. JLS Services S.R.L.: Romanian limited liability company through which Stratum performs selected management services, including procurement and IT

5. Stratum Construct RO S.R.L: Romanian limited liability company that owns or leases all real estate needed as part of Stratum’s operations

6. Stratum Management Resources: Texas limited liability company that performs management services for all members of the Stratum Energy family of companies